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Posts from — September 2011

Imagining A Sustainable Future for the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River Region

Rick Findlay is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Water Network and is the Chair of the Great Lakes Futures Roundtable. 

Canada and the United States share one of the globe’s most impressive natural features: The Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence River basin, one of the greatest watersheds in the world. Seen clearly from space, the Great Lakes watershed has a shoreline of more than 10,000 miles and contains approximately one fifth of the world’s total fresh surface water supply. Lake Superior is the largest lake in the world by surface area and the far western end of Lake Superior is more than 2000 miles away from where the Saint Lawrence River discharges into the Atlantic Ocean.

Protecting and sustaining this watershed is a challenge of global significance – and an opportunity that will only be realized if citizens who live in the basin effectively share the responsibility for its shared environment, combined economy and unique social identity and strengths. That will require, first of all, a shared recognition of the region as a place of global significance and exciting opportunity. It will then need a clear vision we can all work to advance – a vision that can be imagined, shared and implemented by all, for the benefit of present generations and those to come.

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September 29, 2011   1 Comment

The Time is Now

The passion echoed back from the start: The people and leaders of the Great Lakes and St Lawrence watersheds know it is time and want to do what they can as stewards of a vast natural resource that somehow defines who they are.

SOM’s “Great Lakes Century Vision” was one spark among many that has inflamed the environmental love of 15,000 jurisdictions, tribes, cities and two nations joined – not separated – by their shared 11,000-mile fresh-water shoreline.

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September 6, 2011   8 Comments