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Posts from — July 2012

We are Basiners, nous sommes des Bassinois.

Written by the International Secretariat for Water. Presented to the Mayor’s of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative on June 28, 2012.

We decided to create this word “Basiners”, and present it to you today, because it reflects the idea of a common history, made of various political, economical, social, cultural, environmental and territorial stakes. We recognized how cultural, artistic and commercial exchanges have enriched us all and they cannot be separated. Consequently, by choosing the term “Basiner”, we want to underline this community of interest among peaceful people that wish to collectively take up the challenges of a shared, participative and integrated management of their basin.

Secondly, by pulling ourselves together we can create the 1st Symphony of the Great Lakes – Saint-Lawrence – Gulf basin. And I would like for you to welcome the first musicians of this Symphony, which are personified with a few inhabitants of this basin.We are Basiners, nous sommes des Bassinois.

Why a symphony you may ask? Because we are all reaching to attain a certain harmony of life on this basin: harmony not only between humans themselves, but between humans and their environment, the fauna and flora, but also the economic and social environment, between the different usages and stakes.

We recognize how difficult it is to develop and implement a concerted and shared vision, but we are convinced that if we use various ways and approaches we can get this vision to emerge. And this vision can also emerge and be implemented by opening up this symphony to other musicians, such as yourselves.

We also believe that we should not only see each other as Basiners, but we should also behold a one and only passport to accompany this vision and make our statement. And that is the BLUE PASSPORT. A passport that pushes this vision to go beyond boundaries and frontiers. This passport will remind us that we are born, live and need to cohabite with all our fellow Basiners. And that all our actions have a consequence on others. We reject the NIMBY syndrome since it often means in my neighbor’s backyard; because the Great Lakes Saint Laurence and Golf basin is our common backyard.

And finally, since we consider that multiple views, an emerging consensus, and the search for concerted and constructive solutions are at the heart of an integrated and participatory management, we hope that decision makers, managers, elected officials, all the stakeholders will work together and involve citizens in the sustainable development of this basin in order to make this collective shared vision a true symphony.

Je vous remercie, Thank you for your attention
Maggie White, Secrétaire Générale Associée du SIE

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Great Lakes Century & Metropolis Magazine

Thrilled to be a guest blogger on Metropolis Magazine’s (very cool) Point of View blog. Stay tuned for more entries about our Great Lakes.

A Second Chance, Monday, July 16, 2012


A Vision for the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Region, May 5, 2012

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Great Lakes Century featured in i4design Magazine

In the latest issue of i4design Magazine, the Great Lakes Century vision is distilled and communicated through the voice of Thirst, a Chicago-based design collaborative. We are thrilled by their beautiful achievement in sharing the vision in a fresh new way.




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