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January 14, 2013


SOM’s Great Lakes Century Receives AIA’s 2013 Honor Award

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently recognized the Great Lakes Century Vision as a distinguished achievement that expands the role of the architect in urban design, regional and city planning, and community development. It is an incredible honor to recieve the 2013 award for regional and urban design.

Here is what the AIA jury had to say:

This is a strong environmental vision for an important global natural asset. There is power in the grand scale and how it looks at regional sustainability less in terms of direct environmental protection and more in terms of a transformational shift to a green regional economy catalyzed by high speed rail connectivity.

This is a compelling effort that promotes international coordination around critical issues and necessary thinking if we are ever to address the environmental consequences of regional development. As more global attention is being paid to the scale and issues of the mega-region, this approach to examining the interconnected environmental, social, and design issues across jurisdictions offers a great precedent for practice in the future.

It’s wonderfully responsible that this is being sponsored on this scale and scope. It is a call for larger scale action and vision. These are the issues that architects, planners and urban designers should be focusing on.

We are thrilled to have Editor in Chief of Metropolis Magazine, Susan S. Szenasy, celebrate this award!